Artist: Fruit Bats
Song: Unusual Friends
Album: The Ruminant Band
Tabbed by: DonTago

Standard Tuning

[any help with the lyrics on this song would be great, they’re hard to make out]

Chords used:
Bb:   688766
C:    032010
Dm:   000231
F:    133211
G:    320033
Ab:   466544

Intro tab: [played once]

Verse 1 chords:
C           Csus4      C             Csus4
Back when I        was not that old
       C                                      Csus4
For I had me a love before playing in a band
C           Csus4      C         Csus4
At the tent        and underage
Now I’m old as a drink but the best things to get drunk
                               Dm               F
You’re all in the world that I ha-a-a-a-a-a-a-d
Just me and my unusual friends

Verse 2 chords:
C             Csus4          C          Csus4
Playing songs         to the magic box
       C                                                         Csus4
To the holes in the old rotten roof sounds of curl-eyed morning
C              Csus4       C               Csus4
Back when you,       substitute for girls
So I get more food and the passer of the time
                          Dm                  F
In the aching dehydrated dou-ou-ou-ou-ou-ough
With my bruised up hollow men
                      Dm             F
Yeah I hold you in my ha-a-a-a-a-and
                            G        F G  F G  F G  Ab Bb
Yeah I’m missing my unusual friends

SOLO: [CCsus4CCsus4] x2, then
      [DmF] x1, then
      [CCsus4CCsus4] x1

Verse 3: use verse 1 chords
You and her, you stuck around 
We’ll a were all night used to give my room and kill me
There’s a flood on my lungs on the bre-e-e-e-eeze
I’m missing my unusual friends
You were all in the world that I had
My sweet unusual friends

C         Csus4  C
My sweet unusual friends
              Csus4    C
Well my sweet unusual friends
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