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"SUNBURN" [Regular tuning, EADGBe]

verses: Em7 (022030), A7 (x02020)
pre-chorus: Cadd9 (x3203x), G/B (x2003x; play this right before chorus)
chorus: Em (022000), Cadd9 (x32033), Dsus2 (x00230), Am (x02210), Cadd9 (x32033), Em
chorus ending: Cadd9
Bridge: Em, Am

The sky was dark this morning
Not a bird in the trees
And silence hung suspicious and anxious
Like a blanket covered scream
And you were gone
You were not there for me
And I cursed the sky and begged the sun to

(let the sun) Fall all over me

This life's not living, baby
Living ain't free
If I can't find my way back to me
Let the sun fall down over me
Let the sun fall down

All my friends are searching
Quiet, desperately
Look into their eyes you'll see the faithless crying
Save me, save me, save me
And what are they to feel
And who are they to be
And what am I to do with, do with mebut


until my eyes cry out
'Til my head is free from doubt
'Til my lungs sigh right out
'Til I'm wiser
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