• Song:

    The Fun Lovin Criminal

  • Artist:

    Fun Lovin Criminals

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The Fun Lovin Criminal Tab by Fun Lovin Criminals

The fun lovin'criminal
By Fun lovin'criminals

Submitted By: Frank Verwijs
Email: l.verwijs@gironet.nl

Main riff

----0---------0---0-  -----0-------------0-
----0---------0---0-  -----0---------------
------0-0h1---------  ---------1-0h1p0h1---
-2----0-0h2---------  -2-----0-2-----------
-2----0-0h2---------  -2-----0-------------
-0-----------(0)-(0)  -0-------------------

I'm not sure to pick or finger-pick this song...
...you figure it out..
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