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Obviously in standard tuning but sounds good in DADF#AD tuning

intro: D

D                                  F#m (or D/F# ) Bm                      G
  You are a promise, you are a song, smooth like a waterfall a sea in the calm

repeat for other verse bits

                D             F#m                               A                           ( A/C# )
I want you to know Your the first thought I want you to know the grace your made of
                      D                     F#m            A ( A/C# )              D F#m  A  ( A-/C# )
I want you to feel that your my dear o - oh,              and i want you to know

etc same as other verse

chords in brackets I'm not to sure about, but sound right..
and the chords messed up the placing so you'll have to listen to it for timing etc :)
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