• Song:

    Loving Me

  • Artist:

    G Love And Special Sauce

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Loving Me Tab by G Love And Special Sauce

  Ok this all from ear listening to the song, I've never seen any other tablature of
this but own my ear tells me its pretty dang accurate. Check it out...

Loving Me - G. Love and the Special Sauce

-The hardest part to this is getting the rythm down with the chord changes, I have found
the easiest finger picking style to be alternating between the thumb and index finger,
i.e., thumb hits a-string, index hits b-string, thumb hits g-string, index hits e-string,
you might want to practice this a few times and get the muscle memory down before
attempting the song...

Main Verse Riff
        C                Dm                 G               Fadd9           
            *Hammer carries over to down beat of 1                  

Last line of verse cuts of first time through Fadd9 riff....
                                     "I have a feeling that you may..."

 and goes straight to chorus riff
 Repeat this until the last line of the chorus when it goes to p.c. riff
 Chorus Riff     Fmaj7                             C

P.C. Riff

B|--1|-----------0h1-------1|---0-------0-----|--1-------1---------| Go
G|---|-------2---------2----|-----0-------0---|----2-------2-------| To
D|---|---------0---------0--|-----------------|3-------3-----------| Verse
A|3--|----------------------|-----------------|--------------------| Riff

Repeat in this order until end of song. I like to end by running through
the main verse riff and then strumming a nice open c to give it a good "last note".

Would you let me know
If I have done you wrong today?
Cuz you won't say nothing to me
and I have a feeling that you may

I can't fight you anymore
I forgot what I'm fighting for
Can you help me understand
How loving me could be so bad?

Should this feeling of unsurity pass
Would you speak kind words to me?
All that I'm saying is please treat me nice
I promise I won't do no wrong

Wo-o-on't you let me know
Should I stay or should I go?
Can you help me understand
How loving me could be so bad?

If you have plans to leave me girl
Won't you just let me know?
Cuz you finally got me lovin' you
and now you wanna let me go

I feel like I could explode
Won't you help to ease the low?
Can you help me understand
How loving me could be so bad?

Its a beautiful song by a very talented artist,
if you liked this tab, leave me some love!

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