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What Ive Been Looking For Reprise Chords by Gabriella And Troy

G            Em                    Am7          D7
It's hard to believe that I couldn;t see you always there beside me
 G             Em                  Am7                D7  
Thought I was alone with no one to hold but you were always right beside me
 Am7             D7
This feeling's like no other
 Am7           D7
I want you to know

 G              Em                           Am7
I've never had someone who knows me like you do
The way you do
    G               Em                         Am7
And I've never had someone who's good for me as you
No one like you
 Em          Am7          D7
So lonely before I finally found
                           G Em
What I've been looking for
      Am7  D7  G
oooh oooh ooh
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