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        Nighttime – Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams
Tabbed by: Adam B.

Tuning: D G C F A D (Chord names refer to the chord shapes)

Intro: D    G    D    G

Verse 1:
D                                G         D
When the morning comes and you start your day
D                              G
Do you think of me though I'm far away
D                                   G         D
Cause I ache for you through the whole damn day
D                             G     D
Till the nighttime when the dreams come
D                                  G
Till the nighttime when I see you there

Verse 2:
        D                        G       D
Oh the days are long 'til it's time to play
D                           G
I can't think of you or I drift away
D                                  G         D
And the words get caught and the tears give way
D                                 G
Every night child till the dreams come
D                               G
Till the nighttime I whisper a prayer
D                                  G
To the nighttime's where my heart runs
D                                     G
Is in the nighttime I'll see you there

Bridge 1:
A                     G                   G D  
D ??? G D G D
You know it's hard to do what we must do
A                  G                D
When everything around you comes unglued

And the meanings fall apart

Solo over verse chords

D                                  G      D
Let my songs surround you in the work you do
D                            G
When it don't go right let them comfort you
D                            G      D
It's the way I love and my love is true
D                             G
And in the nighttime if your dreams ache
D                            G
In the nighttime whisper a prayer
D                                G
In the nighttime if your heart breaks
D                           G
In the nighttime I will be there
I will be there

Ending 1: repeat and fade
           D            G
In the nighttime

Note: Just something weird-this song and flapjacks from the sky (the last two songs on 
album) have extra stuff at the end so they are both 7:11 long.

I stated figuring out the solo but I’m not done yet, but I’ll put it up when I finish.

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