• Song:

    Cup Of Coffee

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Beautiful Garbage

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F#m	244222                            Garbage - Cup Of Coffee
C#m	x46654
Bm7	x24232                   These are the correct chords to the song.
C#7	x4646x                           Play it moderately fast.
D	x57775
E	x79997
A	x03330
F+	xx3221
Bm	x24432
A6	x03333
Ab*	xx0434
C#	x46664
G	320033
Abm	466444
Ebm	x68876
C#m7	x46454
Eb7	x6868x
F#	x9,11,11,11,9

F#m			                           C#m
You tell me you don't love me,	over a cup of coffee
Bm7					C#7
	And I just have to look  away.

F#m				          C#m
            A million miles between us,	       planets crashing to dust
Bm7			            C#7
            I  just let it fade away.
F#m    				        C#m
            I'm walking empty streets,	      hoping we might meet.
Bm7		                                         C#7
	I see your car parked on the road.
F#m 				         C#m
	The light on at your window             I know for sure that you're home
Bm7					C#7
But I just have to pass on by.

D				          E
So no of course we cant be friends,	     not while I'm still this obsessed.
D				        E
I guess I always knew the score.	  This is how the story ends.

F#m	C#m	Bm7	C#7

A					F+				      F#m                               C#m
Smoke your brand of cigarettes and pray that you might give me a call.
Bm				 A6                          Ab*		   C#
Lie around in bed all day just staring at the walls.
A				F+				 F#m			  C#m
Hanging 'round bars at night, wishing I had never been born,
        Bm                                         A6			      Ab* 		  C#
And give myself to anyone who wants to take me home.

D	                                                E
So, no of course we can't be friends,	        not while I still feel like this.
Bm				     G
I guess I always knew the score.	 This is were the story ends.

Abm				   	   Ebm
You left behind some clothes, 	my belly somersaults
C#m7					   Eb7
	when I pick them off the floor.
Abm					          Ebm
	My friends all say they're worried,	        I'm looking far too skinny.
C#m7					       Eb7
	I stopped returning all there calls.

E					  F#
And no of course we can't be friends,	not while I'm still so obsessed.
E				        F#
I want to ask where I went wrong, 	     but don't say anything at all.

Abm		Ebm

C#m7		Eb7

Abm				 Ebm
	It took a cup of coffee
C#m7					          Eb7
	To prove that you don't love me....

									Michelle Dezso
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