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    Carve a Hole in the Mud

Artist: Garrity
Song: Lately
Album: Carve a Hole in the Mud
Tabbed by: Ben Godby            beniliusbob@hotmail.com

Standard Tuning

The main rhythm of this song (verse and chorus) is comprised of two chords:

G       320033
Csus2   x32033

The rhythm isn't very difficult so just listen to the song to figure it out
yourself. There are also a few other bits and pieces in this song.

Fill 1

This is played at the beginning of the song and a few other times 
somewhere in there.

Csus2          G 



"I'll do just fine, I'm doing fine..."

G       320033
Csus2   x32033
Em      022000

Electric (solo):

After the bridge, the main rhythm on G and Csus2 continues, and there is a 
little arpeggio on the high E and B strings.
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