• Song:

    The Cowboy Song

  • Artist:

    Garth Brooks

  • Album:

    CD Zooming

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Intro:   D	A7	D
D		        D/F#            G                           D
Pushin' horns weren't easy like the movies said it was
 				         A7Sus4                     A7
And I don't recall no dance hall girls or hotel rooms with rugs
 	      D                         D/F#                 G                   
You worked hot and tired and nasty rode you pony's head too low
				A7                    G
There were all the nights you couldn't sleep 'cause it was too damn cold 
	           D                      A7
And you'd sing, Strawberry Roan and Little Joe

Verse 2
Like the time we hit the river and the rains began to fall
And the water was rising so damn fast we thought it'd drown us all
We lost a lot of steers that day and four or five good mounts
But when all the boys rode into camp we knew that's what counts
And we sang, Yippie Ti Yi Yay and Amazing Grace

          Bm                           F#m                        G        
Or the night the broke behind us and then they took us by surprise
     Bm                      F#m                G                      Asus4
I whistled out the Bonner I seen the terror in his eyes
            Dsus2                   D/F#                         G
And he rode for all his horse would ride and I know he done his best
      D                          A7                G 
But he crossed over Jordan ridin' Dunny to his death
                     D                               A7                    
And we sang, Bringin' in the Sheaves and the Rugged Cross

Instrumental Solo: D
Verse 3
So when you see that cowboy he's not ragged by his choice
He never meant to bow them legs or put that gravel in his voice
He's just chasin' what he really loves and what's burning in his soul
Wishin' to God that he'd been born and hundred years ago
Still singin', Strawberry Roan and Little Joe

Outro: D
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