• Song:

    Crying In The Shadows

  • Artist:

    Gary Moore

  • Album:

    The Essential

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Bm                             Bm/G              
Sometimes he sees her walking by , he never looks her in the eye
            Em                F#m              Bm             
She doesn't know, she doesn't care, what he is feeling
           Bm                          Bm/G           
And as she turns to walk away there is nothing he can say
            Em                   F#m           
She doesn't know, why should she care?
          Gmaj7               A                
When he's alone, she's never there, to see him

Bm            A/D                      
Crying in the shadows
Gmaj7                 Em                   F#m        
Of a love he used to know, but now it's all over
Bm            A/D                      
Crying in the shadows
Gmaj7                             Em           F#m   Bm              
Of someone he called his own, but now he's all alone again

              Bm                             Bm
Sometimes she sees him walking by, she never looks him in the eye
           Em               F#m               Bm
He doesn't know, he doesn't care, what she is feeling
      Bm                           Bm
As he turns to walk away, there is nothing she can say
           Em                  F#m
He doesn't know, why should he care?
           Gmaj7              A
When she's alone, he's never there, he leaves her

             Em7               A-Bm
Well, he can see it in her eyes
            Em7                F#m7-Bm
And she can feel it in her heart
              Em7                           F#m7               
Yes, they can feel it in their hearts, it's tearing them apart
Gmaj7         E/F#             
Over and over again

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