Great song by underated Aussie 80's band Geisha

Words and music by C.Doheny 

Dm              C
What use these thoughts of mine
Am            Bb
Without your light to guide
Gm            C             Dm
And bring my darkness to an end
Dm            C
Here locked inside my head
Am            Bb
Lay so much so I feared
Gm            C                Dm 
I hoped that soon I’d lose my mind

Bb          C
I see the other path
Bb          C
That’s open to the fools 
Gm          C             Dm
But what a fatal price to pay
Bb            C 
What else is left to do
Bb           C 
Without the word from you
Gm         C               Dm
How can I choose the fatal way

Dm            C
I’ll live in hope until
Am              Bb
The whole damn world stands still
Gm          C             Dm
Until this coldness cures all
Dm           C
But answers never come 
Am            Bb
And when they do to some 
Gm          C                Dm
They never answer questions asked
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