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    Say Its Alright Joe

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As always, Synth notes in (Parentheses below chords)
4/4 Throughout, Key of D Minor

Bbm6           Am/D
    Say it's alright Joe,
  Bb/C         Bb6/C
I need another drink
   Bb6             Am7         Gm7(can also be played Bb6/G)  
To blow on the glass so I know I'm alive

Bbm6          Am/D
    Play me a song Joe
   Bb6                 Bb6/C
To fill the hours till morning
     Bb     Am7         Gm7
Then never again will I bother you
Bb/G         C7no5
Ooh, Build myself a tower
   Bb/G              C7no5   
No way in no way out.
Bb/G                C
Then my friends can visit me
Bb/G            C
Once in a while.

Bbm6           Am/D
    Say it's alright Joe.
  Bb/C          Bb6/C  
I need some reassurance
    Bb         Am7            Gm7    
You never know what you might find in the night.
Bb/G           C7no5             Bb/G          C7no5
Ooh I'm just a busy bee, still alive in my hive,
Bb/G             C 
Looking for some other world
   Bb/G                C
To dream out my dreams.

Chords:      |Bbm6     |Gm       | Dm 
Synth Notes:(|C#   Bb F|G  F C# F| D over Dm on "Kings")

           Dm                 Gm
There were Kings who were laughing in the rain
         Dm                       Gm
And they told me I'd come here to lead the parade
        Dm                         Gm 
All the colours were changing, the sky was in ruins
    Dm                        Gm
The lights are all shining on me and on you

Shine on...

Keyboard Solo: Synth notes under chords in parentheses

|Gm    D/F#      |Gm/F   Em7b5    |
(Bb Bb A     G A |Bb A G A   Bb C )

|Gm     D+7/F#   |Gm/F  Em7b5     |
(D C Bb C    Bb C|D     C Bb C    )   

|Em7b5       |Bb/C                |
(        Bb C|D              C Bb )       

|C/G        |Bb                   |
(C      Bb A|Bb                A G)

|C6/9       | 
(A          )

Bbm6           Am/D
    Say it's alright Joe

    Bb/C               Bb6/C  
The night will soon be over
    Bb6            Am7      Gm7
And nothing and no one will ever know.

Bbm     Am/D
Open my eyes Joe
    Bb/C            Bb6/C               
I'd like to see the daylight
    Bb           Am7            Gm7
The clock on the wall says it's time to leave.
Bb/G           C7no5
Never seen the same face twice
Never walked the same way
    Bb/G             C
The little love that I have known
I keep to myself.

|Bbm6   |Gm    |

          Dm              Gm
There's a fire it's asleep in my bed
       Dm                        Gm
I must leave it to burn until it burns itself out
Dm                       Gm
Catch as you can I'm not staying here long
        Dm                   Gm
I'll be coming back early or never at all
Shine on...

Outro:  Repeat Keyboard Solo then repeat Bb/C, C6/9 with ad-libs to fade

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