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My Town - Montgomery Gentry
Album: My Town
Writers: Jeffrey Steele/Reed Nielsen

*Note-the stretches of D in the verse and intro you can 
play D or Dsus2 or go back and forth.

Intro: D 

Verse 1:
There's a for sale sign on a big 'ole rusty tractor
Can't miss it, it's the first thing that you see
Just up the road a pale blue water tower
Says "I love Jenny" painted in bright green
Hey that's my uncle Bill there by the courthouse
He'll be lowering the flag when the sun goes down

                    D       G  D/F# Em   
And this is my town,  na na na  na  na
 A            D               G  D/F# Em                   
Yeah, this is my town,  na na na  na  na
 A          D                 G
(Hey) Where I was born, where I was raised
     Em              A
Where I keep all my yesterdays
      D               G 
Where I ran off cause I got mad
        Em                A 
And it came to blows with my old man
      D               G
Where I came back to settle down
      Em                  A
It's where they'll put me in the ground
        D               G  D/F# Em   
This is my town,  na na na  na  na
 A            D               G  D/F# Em  A        D            
Yeah, this is my town,  na na na  na  na,  my town

Verse 2:
There ain't much going on here since they closed the mill
That whistle still blows everyday at noon
A bunch of us still go down to the diner
Wonder if that interstate's still comin' through
But come Sunday mornin' service at the Church of Christ
Well there ain't an empty seat to be found


Instrumental: D  G  Em  A (x2)

Verse 3:
Well I bought and painted up that rusty tractor
You can't miss it, it's sitting right there in our yard
The county came and took that water tower
And that's Jenny with a baby in the car
Well we're off to Sunday service at the Church of Christ
And if we want a seat we better leave right now

             G  A  G  A       G
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