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This is the way I play it anyway

Roll With Me: Montgomery Gentry

G              F#m7           Em7       D
Wake up in the morning Get to living my life
G                     F#m7           Em7 
Making sure that  I'm all that I can be
G                 F#m7               Em7         D
Went to church on Sunday There was a moment that came
   G                    F#m7		    Em7				
I swear it was like the Lord spoke right to me
                      G                    D
So now I'm slowing it down and I'm looking around
                    G                  D
And I'm lovin' this town and I'm doing alright
                    G                  D           A       
Aint' worried 'bout nothing except the man I wanna be
                  G                     D
I'm thinking it's time to be livin' the rhyme
                   G                      D
When I'm singing a song about nothing but right
         G                         A         G D
And it'd sure be nice if you would roll with me

Verse 2:
Saw a kid last winter only twenty years old
Being laid to rest while his mom stood by his side
Sure was hard to watch those tears roll down her face
Made me think how we all just have our time

A               G
Who knows whats ahead
            A               G
I think I'd rather not know instead

Chorus: repeat and fade
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