• Song:

    Kisses Don't Lie

  • Artist:

    George Ducas

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G Am G  Em  G  G Am    Em  G , G Am G Em D G 
          G              Em 
I turn to you you turn away 
Savin' we've lost that love thing 
            C               D 
You say the flame I had for you 
                G  D 
Is gone from my eyes 
             G                 Em 
Say what you want say what you will 
Words don't prove nothin' 
    C    D            G 
But baby kisses don't lie 
C                D                   G 
Every time your lips touch mine it's crazy 
C                 F               D 
Can't you feel my heartbeat come alive 
C                     D 
Sometimes words won't do 
G                  Em 
So if you want the truth 
   C     D            G   Em 
Oh baby, Kisses don't lie 
   C     D            G 
Oh baby, Kisses don't lie  

G Am G  Em  G  G Am    Em  G , G Am G Em D G 
           G                               Em 
When we're side by side when we're face to face 
Each kiss will prove it 
                 C                      D 
When I'm holdin' you and you're holdin' me 
                      G    D 
You'll Know that it's right 
                G                     Em 
If my lips grew cold, if my lips grew weak 
You'd see right through it 
       C     D            G   
'Cause baby, kisses don't lie 
Repeat Chorus 

Em C       D (pause)   G  
No baby, kisses don't lie 

Em G Em G Em  D (short) G
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