• Song:

    Only In My Dreams

  • Artist:

    George Ducas

  • Album:

    George Ducas

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C    G         Am            F           C     G 
When moonlight shines you're never far behind 
C G        Am      F              G  
I close my eyes to find you by my side 
Am       Em     F                  C 
I drift away oh just like dreamers do 
E7             C      F                 G 
Each and every single night I'm holding you 

    F    Fm C    
But only in my dreams  
       F        Fm        C 
You're still in love with me 
F            Fm             C     C/B     Am 
You're by my side where you never say goodbye 
           F    Fm    C    
But that's only in my dreams  
I turn back time to my world of make believe 
Where you and I are just like we used to be 
You take my hand and I fall for you again 
I?ll believe every word when you say that you're mine till the end 
Guitar solo 
That's only in my dreams
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