• Song:

    You Could've Fooled Me

  • Artist:

    George Ducas

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Capo 1 
E              C#m          A              E 
You could have taken me and all the love I had 
               C#m           A                 B7 
You could have shaken me and never once looked back 
E                  G#m 
Made my world just crumble and fall 
  C#m                   E7         A  Am 
Instead you stood by me through it a-a-a-ll 
And I'm so glad 

                      B A           E 
You could have fooled m-e-e but you didn't 
                        B              A       E 
You could have stole my heart and just walked away 
                      B A           E 
You could have fooled m-e-e but you wouldn't 
                    B       A        E  
That's just not the kind of game you play 
                  C#m                  A   G#m  F#m 
You told me you'd love me a long time ago 
                 B                    E 
And you're still here to show me it's so 
            C#m  A   B                 E 
And we both know you could have fooled me  
What did I ever do to deserve someone like you 

If I ever lost your love I'd have nothing left to lose 

You could have lied to me I was young and naive 

I loved you so much I would have never believed 

You'd be untrue 
                A                         C#m 
The thunder has roared, the lightning has cracked 
You could have sworn that you'd love me forever 
    E         B 
And suddendly just disappear in a flash 
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