• Song:

    They Call It Making Love

  • Artist:

    George Jones E Tammy Wynette

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Intro chords: 
F5  C5  F5  C5  F5  C5  A5 G5 C5 
         C5       F5      C5   
A little barroom on his way home 
  C5                  G5      C5 
A bed to lay on in a room upstairs 
           C5                 F5        C5 
What?s her name, he?ll never see her again 
C5                   G5          C5 
Close the door, who knows, who cares 

         C5       F5      C5 
And they call it makin? love 
F5      C5     G5      C5 
Makin? love, makin? love 
C5              F5       C5 
Throw it down, pick it up 
F5        C5  A5  G5       C5 
Dress it up and call it love  
Together alone like nothing?s wrong 
In a house called home, in a double bed 
They?ve grown so far apart they just fumble in the dark 
Not one single word is said 
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