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    George Michael

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    Ladies And Gentleman, T...

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Well here again another tab for the song Faith from George Michael.. It's really a cool song
and if you got the rythm and stuff it's SO cool to play it.. First this is the strum:

 **  ** * *     **
nvnv nvnv nvn n nv (n=downstroke, v=upstroke)

It maybe looks a little weird (I have to admit), but the stars are where you have to damp
your strings, hear the song if you don't understand
me.. it's played very fast and I had to practise a long time before I
could really play it, but if you can it's really cool like I said
Here are all the chords:

|B   |B

Verse 1
|B   |B   |E   |B   2x

|E   |B   |E   |B   |E   |B Abm |C#m   |F#   

|B   |B   |B   |B   

Verse 2
Repeat verse 1



|B   |B   |E   |B   2x



B = 7998777
E = *79997
Abm = *(11)(13)(13)(12)(11)
C#m = 9(11)(11)999
F# = *9(11)(11)(11)9
(the '()' is just a normal 11 but it looks a little weird if I don't
do that, looks like you have to play the F#-chord in 8 strings in an impossible way..

If there are no chords in the second pre-chorus and chorus it wants to say you have to play
the other pre-chorus and chorus, but you already noticed I
think ;)

In the pre-chorus there are these chords: |B G#m |C#m
The B is standing close to the G#m and the G#m close to the C#m.. It wants to say you have
to play 2 seconds B and 2 seconds G#m, I would give you
a sample of the strum:

B          Abm
 **  ** * *    **
nvnv nvnv nvn n nv
It's the same, but now you have to go to G#m after two seconds.. The C#m is just like I said

Hope you like it, and rate and comment it!!
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