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This was originally recorded by Gerry Rafferty in the key of D minor. I have tabbed it 
in A minor. If you wish to play in Dm then set capo to fret 5.

The C7M is a passing chord and is played on the just the fourth beat of the bar i.e. 
?C C C C7M?Am Am Am Am? etc.

The D4 chord is played on the first two beats of the bar ?D D D D?D4 D4 D D?. 
Consider it optional as I'm not sure Gerry Rafferty played it but I think it sounds good.

A5            E5
Oh Mattie you open up the door
D5              C5          C5
That's right I'm home again
A5             E5
  You've got a big surprise in store
D5               C5
  Turn 'round and count to ten.

Wait till you see what I got you, well
D5                 D5 D5
You?ll say it's a magic thing, it?s
Like an old mandolin man, you just
G5                     G5
Wind him up and he?ll start to sing.

A5          E5
I've been away for quite a while
D5                C5              C5
And I want to hear all your news
A5              E5
   Speak to me, let me see you smile
D5                     C5
  'Cause I've had those home sick blues.

When I go down to the city
D5                 D5       D5
I just don't know wrong from right
When I get back to you Mattie, well
G5           G5
You make me see the light.

A5  E5  D5  C5  C5
A5  E5  D5  C5

Love is a singular thing, it can
D5              D5     D5
Take you up or bring you down, yes
Love is the song that I sing, so come
G5                    G5
On now Mattie listen to the sound.

A5            E5
When you grow up we'll sit and talk
D5           C5           C5
Of how things used to be
A5             E5
  I'll be your grand old man of rock
D5              C5         C5
  With all these memories.

A5  E5  D5  C5  C5 ...and fade
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