• Song:

    Expose Yourself To Kids

  • Artist:

    Gg Allin

  • Album:

    The Best of Suicide Ses...

pretty good song to play for the ladies... if they like it then there more scummy 
then you.....play it acoustic

choke on it..


G D Em C

G     D              Em            C
Let's fuck some kids they cant say no.

G           D               Em      C
Molest them now before they grow......

G     D                 Em    C         
Uhg, threaten them with oral sex.

G     C            G 
Expose yourself to incest..

           C   D     Em                 C
Cause its alright to expose yourself to kids

C                     D                  G         
Do it now before they grow up and its to late.

and just repeat repeat repeat.... super sleezy to play
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