• Song:

    When I Die

  • Artist:

    Gg Allin

  • Album:


C                   G
When I die put that bottle in my hand
   C                            F         G
All these years on earth, it was my only friend
 C                       G
When you dig a hole and gonna bury me
    C                          F      G
Put that bottle of Jim Beam to rest beside me

  C                          G
All my life I've been living on the run
C                              F            G
Hanging out in bars and hotel rooms annoying everyone
  C                              G
Living on the road running from coast to coast
C                                    F          G
Spending many nights in jail, like a gunman at his post

  F                    G
When I die, you don't have to cry
You don't have to feel no feelings inside

 C                              G
Never cared or had no feelings for no one
C                                F          G
The only one I cared for was the one who made me cum
 C                         G
Live my life like a loner on the trail
C                              F          G
Some of the nights in jail, I couldn't afford no bail

C                          G
No one to call, no one to see me through
  C                            F            G
So I bought a gun one day and I came running after you
C                           G
Living on the road, playing scumfuck rock 'n' roll
  C                    F       G
I'm on the road and I haven't got no home

F                          G
Never lived nowhere long enough to call home
I'm just an outlaw scumfuck, playing my rock 'n' roll

C                            G
Never had nothing that could keep me satisfied
  C                             F          G
'Cept my booze and my drugs and that woman by my side
C                            G
She was no woman, but she's good enough for me
  C                              F       G
She's got that cunt between her legs and that's all I need

C                       G
So when I die put that bottle by my side
  C                           F         G
Bury me with ol' Jim Beam and I'll be on my hell ride
C             G
When I die, when I die
  C              F         G
Down to Hell is my final destination

C                    G
When I die put that bottle by my side
  C                             F              G
It's the only friend I had in life and it kept me satisfied
C                           G
Living on the run you'll never take me out alive
  C            F        G
I bought a gun, I'm leaving now
F    G
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