• Song:

    Ice Cream Man

  • Artist:

    Gifted But Twisted

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i recently played punk o matic 2 and i loved the bass line

the song is picked and the bass amp presets are like the alternative style put your mid 
and high frequencies a bit higher and the low frequencies keep'em in the half

/ = slide up
x = (in this case) palm mute
\ = slide down
^ = let ring

INTRO                        _.4
G|----------------------|x3 |----------------------|
D|----------------------|   |----------------------|
A|-------------/4-4-4-2-|   |----------------------|
E|-19\-0-x-4-5----------|   |-44444-5--7-777777/-\-|

after the intro you play the same riff but easier and the keep it there

RIFF                  _.4
G|---------------|x3 |-----------------|
D|---------------|   |-----------------|
A|-------4-4-4-2-|   |-----------------|
E|-0-4-5---------|   |-44444-5-7777777-|

OUTRO                   _.4
G|-----------------|x3 |-----------------|
D|-----------------|   |-----------------|
A|--------/4-4-4-2-|   |-----------------|
E|-0-x-4-5---------|   |-44444-5-777777^^|

well that's all hope you enjoy

Any suggestion, fix, or even contact? just tell me :) electronmark@hotmail.com
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