Artist: Gillian Welch
Song: Way up Saginaw Way
Transcribed by: Brett Vogel

Capo: 3rd Fret

Intro: Em (walk up) G Bm (continued throughout the whole song)

Come my love and we will walk hand in hand together we’ll talk
G                       Bm              Em
Why not go out and play way up Saginaw Way
No my dear I said before a patient man ‘ed suit me more
G                       Bm                Em
I’ll wait another year, till my mind is clear

But what about this gold band, shinning for your pretty white hand
G                           Bm             Em
Lovin’ words I mean to say, way up Saginaw Way
No I believe it would be sin to wed without my mother and kin’
G                            Bm                 Em
And I will not have it said, I was hastin’ you when


Now there’s no cost to worry dear, your kin’ will come as soon as they hear
G                               Bm             Em
If the church bells ring today, way up Saginaw Way
So he took his love and they did walk, hand in hand together they talk
G                               Bm             Em
Under skies both dead and gray, way up Saginaw Way
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