• Song:

    Let The Love Begin

  • Artist:

    Gino Padilla

Let The Love Begin
by:yan2nick2=wjian_17 & sonic_raider007@yahoo.com
   *pra sa inyo to mga tol,(lalo na ky angel locsin,idol ko yan)
  *hello 2 my frends,michael & charisse,mark & tata,jojo & kenneth...
   *at sa love ko....Diane...
  *sa fanz namin ni diane...thank u thank u...
           !!!mabuhay tayo!!!


Bb     Eb           F
Look at us, Ain't it funny
       Dm               Gm 
Is it just beginner's luck
 Cm7-Fsus4,F       Bb
Maybe,hmmm... with just a touch
Eb               F 
Two different people
           F#dim             Gm
From such different worlds apart
        C7                   F
Has touched each other's hearts 
        Dm           Eb
Like candles in the dark 
So if it's time for us
We've gotta take it
Take the chance
The chance to make it 

C#/F            F# 
Let the love begin 
Ab7/C                 Fm  Bbm7
Let the light come shining in 
F#                   Ab               C#
Who knows where the road will lead us now 
C#/F                  F#
Look at what we've found 
F           F/A Bbm      Ab   Eb/G
Make this moment turn our hearts around
      F#             C#/F 
It may never come again 
        Ebm-Ab             A
Let it end, Let the love begin 

    Bb         Eb
Ooh.. Here we are
So close together 
       Dm            Gm     Cm7    Fsus4,F
I can feel the fire start between us
Ooh...we've come this far 
Eb          F
Too far to stop it now
  F#dim              Gm 
If this is meant to be (it's meant to be)
C7   F                       
A chance for you and me (for you and me)
       Dm          Eb 
We found our destiny 
            Cm7         Dm
Now we're lookin' at a new forever
F#                     Ab 
Make this dream come true together 

Eb/G                 Ab
Look at what we've found
G          G/B    Cm         Bb     F/A 
Make this moment turn our hearts around
         A/B          Eb/G 
It may never come again (never come again) 
        Fm-Bb               C         
Let it end, Let the love begin.
thank u,thank u... sana mgustuhan nyo at ma in-love na kayo..
special thanks 2,pre!bryon,juluis,6th gate sa cpu,engot...
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