• Song:

    Father And Son

  • Artist:

    Gino Vannelli

  • Album:

    Storm At Sunup

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Father And Son

      e4    f#      g      a
     C      D       Eb     F
     f# bass???????????????????????

     Gbmaj9                Bb13               Bb9+5      Bb7-9+5     
       Once in a life there comes a man like you 

    Ebm11                                    Gb13  Gb9+5   C6/9
        And you bear a son so much like yourself

     Bmaj9                                   Bbm9       Eb7+9   Eb7-9+5
          And it's hard to believe that he's grown into a man

     Ab13    Ab9+5          B/Db    Bb    Db   G13-9  Bb13-9
But   pop         I understand

      Bmaj9                  Bb13              Bb7+5
            Once every night I thank my lucky stars

    f#/E  Ebm11                              Gb13  Bb+5/C  Bbmaj7+5/C
                You've given me some guiding light

    Bmaj9                                Bbm9      Eb7+9    Eb7-9+5
          But there comes a time when a father and a son

               Ab13    B/C#       E/F#     Gbmaj9  G/F
     Can no longer            be  one

      Em9               A9            Db/D     Dmaj9
           It took me so long to re   cov  er-er er
         Bb9              Am9      D7+9         Gm9    Ebmaj7-5
From the pain of having denied the love I once re lied upon

      E11                     A11       Db/D         Dmaj9
          It takes more than time to dis coverer-er ?er

             Bb9              Am9
  That for both the young and old 

     D7+9    Ab9        Gm9      Ebmaj7-5
The truth is sometimes cold but right

    Bmaj9                   Dmaj7-5  Dbmaj7-5  Cmaj7-5   Bmaj7-5
         This is my life

   Bb7                      Bb9-5      Bb9    
    And I've got to hold my own

     f#/E    Ebm11
                    Even if it means 

               eb4     f#     g    ab    a 
             Gb13      A13   Bb13  B13  C13   C7     Bmaj9
  hurting us both
    And the wrongs become right when we stop

                Eb7+9    Eb7-9+5
    and wonder how

      Ab13            B/C#
        Look at us         we're better friends now

                  g4    b  E      g          Db
      E/F#        Em       Db7+9  Db7+9+11   B6/9
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