• Song:

    Fly Into This Night

  • Artist:

    Gino Vannelli

  • Album:

    Ultimate Collection

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Fly Into This Night

|C7+9+5   |Fm7     |Bbm9    |A9      |Abmaj7     |Dm7/G    

|D/C      |Cmaj9    |D/C     |Cmaj9

            C7+9+5        Fm7
  First the high then the low

 D7+9        G7+9+5      Cm7    (  C#7+9   Cm7  )second verse
 Getting ero-mantic vertigo

       C7+9+5         Fm7
In the rain then the drought 

D7+9               G7+9+5
That's what loving you 

       C#maj9   C#maj9  Ebm7  Fm7  Eb6          Fmaj7    
Is all abou-    ou      ou    ou   ou  aaaha ou oww out 


Fmaj7    G/F        Fmaj9
Fly--y---y---y---y  --y

Fm7/Bb     E7-5    Ebmaj7
fly     in to this night

    Dm7-5      G7+9+5   Cmaj9    Gm7/C   
and rect-  i-  fy my    dreams

Gm7/C      C#m7/B       Dm7/C
Fly  I-    I -----------I

   Fm7/Bb      E7-5        Ebmaj7
I love     you more   than life

              Dm7-5     G7+9+5   Cmaj9   Gm7/C    Cmaj9    Gm7/C
Though se--ldom I'm at    piece

repeat verse and chorus

Ending same as intro  

tabbed by Peter Kruger
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