• Song:

    Storm At Sunup

  • Artist:

    Gino Vannelli

  • Album:

    Storm At Sunup

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c4?middle C

E major/Bb major ...........

          Ebm9 Ebm6/9     Emaj9/6       Ebm9  Ebm6/9         E9#11
   If  I         could chose    I'd calm             this dawn

          Dbm9   Dbm6/9    Dmaj9/6          Dbm9  Dbm6/9   D9#11
  But the storm         is me     un sen si ble        and free

Ab7-9-5   D9    Dbmaj9     
Now that  you   know  

    Ab+5/Gb            Gmaj7-5
I'd come   here   to   go

       Gbsus/Ab   Abm7-5     G7/Db                  Gbmaj9 
You're su         den   ly   sad     you've  been   mine

              Ab13-9  Ab7-9+5   Ab7-9+5/D       
Oh  how  the lust                       

        Db7-9+5      Gb7sus4       Gb7-5
 for   life   is    blind

  repeat  ( instrumental )

  modulate  1/2 step higher for rhodes/sax solo and last verse
  transcrition and chart
Peter Kruger casparus50@yahoo.ca
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