• Song:

    Happy Alone Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Girls Cant Catch

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G                            Em              Bm
Weve come a long long way to be were we are today uhuhuh 
           G                  Em               Bm
and its a long way back from here if you walk away uh huh huh
                  G                    Em                       Bm
if you wanted it bad like i wanted it bad you'd be here til the end
                    G                              Em
i didnt put in the time to have you changing your Mind should of treated me
                G   Em                  Bm
so you can be lonely with somebody who cares cas' you'll
       G                    Em                           Bm
never know what you had til' its gone and theres nobody there
                       G Em Bm
I Hope your happy alone 

Look at the youtube video to see how the strumming goes
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