• Song:

    Dancing With Myself

  • Artist:

    Glee Cast

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This is just a really simple and easy song to play on guitar.
Listen and figure out the strumming for yourselves.

E6On (04xxxx@1)the floors of Tokyo
F#mDown (244222@1)in London town's a go go
BWith (x2444x@1)the record selection, And the mirror's reflection,
E6 B7
I'm a dancin' with myself

E6When (04xxxx@1)there's no one else in sight,
F#mIn (244222@1)a crowded lonely night
B7Well, (x21202@1)I wait so long for my love vibration
E6And (04xxxx@1)I'm dancing with myself

E6I'm (04xxxx@1)Dancing with a-myself,
F#mI'm (244222@1)dancing with myself
B7Well, (x21202@1)there's nothing to lose And there's nothing to prove, and I'll be
E6 B7
Dancing a-with myself

E6If (04xxxx@1)I looked all over the world
F#mAnd (244222@1)there's ev'ry type of girl
B7But (x21202@1)your empty eyes seem to pass me by
EAnd (022100@1)leave me dancin' with myself.

E6So (04xxxx@1)let's sink another drink
F#mBecause (244222@1)it'll give me time to think
B7If (x21202@1)I had the chance I'd ask the world to dance
F#mAnd (244222@1)I'll be dancin' with myself

E6Oh (04xxxx@1)Dancing with a-myself,
F#mOh, (244222@1)dancing with myself
B7Well, (x21202@1)there's nothing to lose, And there's nothing to prove,
E6I'll (04xxxx@1)be Dancing with a-myself
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