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    Glen Burtnick

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"Another" = Glen Burtnik [Welcome To Hollywood, 2004]

Thanks to the wonderful Paul Holt for helping me out with this one!

Dsus4 = xx0233 
D = xx0232
Asus4 = x02230 
A = 002220 
A/D= xx0220 
G/f#= 220003
F#= 244322 
Bm= x24432

(Dsus4) Just like a (D) jaguar sun, (Dsus4) you pull me (D) down 
(Dsus4) Like panther (D) wind, you twist me A(Asus4)round (A) 
(Dsus4) You run me (D) hard and fast, (Dsus4) I can't keep (D) time 
(Dsus4) The guns in your (D) eyes stay leveled at (Asus4) mine (A) 

(D) In another (A/D) life, would we dance A(Bm)gain, 
Would we (A) be here (G) now as we'll be then 
(D) This electric (A/D) fire would you recog(Bm)nize 
Would I (A) see your (G) eyes in someone? (G/F#) 

(Em)When you look (Bm) into the sky (A) to see divine apparitions in the night (A/D) 
(G) Before they fade I catch the (C) light - (A/D) In another life (Dsus4) time (D) (Dsus4) (D) 

(Dsus4) I'm drifting (D) off the shore - (Dsus4) you pull me (D) in 
(Dsus4) The rope is (D) long, but it's wearing (Asus4) thin (A) 

(D) In another (A/D) life, would you speak my (Bm) name? 
Would there (A)be a (G) prayer we'd meet again? 
(D) In a world of (A/D) glass, we could hide be(Bm)hind 
Would I (A) find you (G) there in someone? 

(Em) I wanna dive - (Bm) into the sky - (A) I wanna fall till my body starts to fly (A/D) 
(G) Somewhere beyond the word good(C)bye - (A/D) In another lifetime 


(Em)Would you cry - (Bm) would you try - (A) if I died in the middle of the night (A/D) 
(G) Would you be on the other (C) side? 
Would you be (A/D) there? 

(D) In another (F#) life, would we dance (Bm)again? 
(A) Would it be as (G) now as it was be then? 
(D) Does the wheel go (F#) round? Does it ever (Bm) end? 
(A) Could it stop (E) forever? 

(Dsus4) Would we be (Asus4) lovers - (Dsus4) in A(Asus4)nother 
D A/D Bm A G 

Oh, in another lifetime... D A/D Bm A G 

End on (D)

This song's lots of fun to play. Enjoy!
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