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Sleepin.... D A Em G A D
Still dreamin
Still drifting off like

I am not leavin
but this feelin
see it better best be told

Bass walk A-B-C# D G
And how in the world did you come
To be such a lazy love

D A Em G A D
It's all simple and fitting
The past that you are of

We're not talkin
there's no secrets
There's just a not that you are gone

walk on A string A-B-C#   then      D, G
And all that you ever owned
is packed int he hall to go ... No

Bm G A
And how am I supposed to live without you
A wrong word said in anger and you were gone

D A Em G A D
I am not listening to your signals
It's all dust now on a shelf
Are you still working
Still runin from yourself etc
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