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Chords bikinan pertamax ane nih, lagunya asik bener di mainin buat cewek2 ente... 
insya allah bener dah ^_^
Tuning : Standard EADGBe
Intro: E

E (022100@1)                        F#mCruising (244222@1)when the sun goes down
            A (x02220@1) 
Cross the sea

Searching for something inside of me

E (022100@1)                          F#mI (244222@1)would find all the lost pieces
                       AHardly (x02220@1)feel deep in real

I was blinded now I see


C#m (x13321@4)          B (x2444x@1)         AHey (x02220@1)hey hey... you're the one
      AHey (x02220@1)hey hey... you're the one
C#m (x13321@4)          B (x2444x@1)               AHey (x02220@1)hey hey... I can't live without you

Chorus :

E (022100@1)              F#mTake (244222@1)me to your place
A (x02220@1)           B (x2444x@1)            C#mWhere (x13321@4)our hearts belongs together
BI (x2444x@1)will follow you
A'Cause (x02220@1)you're the reason that I breath
E (022100@1)                   F#mI'll (244222@1)come running to you
A (x02220@1)             B (x2444x@1)         C#mFill (x13321@4)me with your love forever
                 BPromise (x2444x@1)you one thing
                         AThat (x02220@1)I would never let you go
      Am'Cause (x02210@1)you are my everything

EYou're (022100@1)the one, you're my inspiration
F#mYou're (244222@1)the one, kiss, you're the one
AYou're (x02220@1)the light that would keep me safe and warm
BYou're (x2444x@1)the one, kiss, you're the one

ELike (022100@1)the sun goes down,
F#mcoming (244222@1)from above all
ATo (x02220@1)the deepest ocean and highest mountain
BDeep (x2444x@1)and real deep I can see now

Balik ke (*), Chorus 2x

E (022100@1)   
My everything.. My Everything...
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