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This is in 7/8 timing

Verse chords:

  E (022100@1)    DEADGBE (xx0232@1) EADGBE
076890  X54670

Play those a few times, then the bridge chord is the same shape in the C position, but
with distorted guitar playing C5 & C#5 power chords and this picked lead line underneath:


Then the chorus:

E5 G5 E5

E5 G5 A

E5 G5 E5

E5 G5 F5

The outro is the same as the verse but in double time, then you strum the C

CEADGBE (x32010@1)X32450

Then end by sliding back up to the first E chord you played. But the bass line really
makes it... and I'm not transcribing that!

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