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"When She Sang About Angels"
The Go Betweens

...from the album "The Friends Of Rachel Worth"

Play this Riff at (*)

E -----------3-
A -------3-0---
D -0-2-0-------

G                   C      (*)
When she sang about angels
G                 C    (*)
She looked at the sky 
G             Am                  C         D
Anybody else, anybody else, but I let it go by

(It is the same for the rest of the song!)

1.When she sang about the fields 
She raised up her arm 
As if she was pushing back the cotton on some Midwestern farm

2.When she sang about a boy
Kurt Cobain 
I thought what a shame it wasn't about Tom Verlaine

Refrain: ...

3.Then she threw some names 
Like she always did 
She threw some names, she dropped some names 
like she used to when I was a kid

Refrain: ...

G           C
I let it go by
Am          G
I let it go by
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