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Ok, this is my first song, for beginners. No offense to anyone, everybody needs  help in
So: It's played with disortion, and Drop - D tuning. Tuning is easy with electric
tuner, just tune E string, (the thickest one) until it's on D. You may also press it on 
fret and then tune it standardly.
It is not whole, but it is in chords. You may find solos on U-G either.

Intro/verse:D5 (or empty bass-strings in this tuning)

Get back

Can you feel Im not like you anymore.
I cant see,
I cant breathe.
See you quiver like the dogs on the street,
Looking down on as I beat you.

Chorus: (played on A and D strings only)
Oh, its a bad religion,
D5-> (on A string)
From a broken nation.
Its a contradiction,
And I cant take it anymore, yeah.
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