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Music X Bass Tab

IMMUNE by Godsmack
Transcribed by Rich B. (Omayoo@aol.com)

E string is dropped down to D.
Intro has a little chorus used in it
*/*= slide
r = rest

Intro and verses    (part 1)
G    ------------------------------     Play this with a little 
D    ------------------------------     chorus until Sully sings
A    ------5----5----5/7--7--7--7--     "Face it, Try it........"
D(E) 0--0-----0----0--------------- 

Then Play this...

Chorus  (part 2)
G     ---------------------------------     
D     ---------------------------------     
A     ---------------------------------     
D     0--0--0-2-0-3-0-2/3--3--3-3------     

For the second verse, play part one again.  Then play the second part for the 
Second Chorus.  But after the second chorus, play this (part 3) just once.

Bridge   (part 3)
G  --------------------------------------------------------------
D  ----------------------------------------------------------------
A  ---------------------------------------------------------------
D  0-r-0-0-r-0-0-r-0-0-r-0-0/2-2---0-r-0-0-r-0-0-r-0-0-r-0-0/3-3

A  -----------------------------------------------------------------
D  0-r-0-0-r-0-0-r-0-0-r-0-0/2-2---0-r-0-0-r-0-0-r-0-0-r-0-0/2-2/3

Play this just once, then play part one again a couple times and then there's
another verse.  Play part one until the third chorus comes.  Then the bass
plays part three by itself one time.  Then it's played another six times for
the guitar solo and the end.  It's a pretty simple song.  Anyone that can play
bass can learn this song pretty quickly.
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