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Music X Bass Tab

 "Whatever  Bass  Tab"
         By Godsmack

First of all you have to drop the E string to C-sharp.
It just makes playing easier.  

Riff A -  Intro 
g |------------
d |------------
a |------------

then there is a pause here.

Riff B is the same as A and also played 8 times.

Riff C       x1
g |----------------------------------------
d |----------------------------------------
a |----------------------------------------

Riff D       x1
g |-----------------------------
d |-----------------------------
a |-----------------------------

Riff B      x12

Riff C      x2

Riff D      x2

Riff B      x18 ( bass only part )

Riff E      x1
g |-----------------
d |-----------------
a |-----------------

Riff D      x2

Riff B      x8

There ya have it!  Just listen to the song and you will figure it out
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