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tab written by Christian Schlachter (C_Schlachter@web.de). Send corrections!

D          G                    D           G          F#m D
why does a beautiful day like today give me such a sad feeling
D        G                             D        G             F#m D
you lean forward and rest because it?s night it doesn?t last forever
A                                      D               G                        D
but I know it will be that turn my own night, when you tell me that I shouldn?t stay
            G          F#m  D                        G                      D           
it gives me such a sad feeling, then you change your mind again the second time, 
will it be like this forever, and you make your face just to hide that smile, 
all the while looks like a dead sad night, and I can?t hear anything going wrong, 
that?s when, that?s good alright, and I?ll come back to you, don?t worry on a dead sad night.
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