• Song:

    Thank You For Being A Friend

  • Artist:

    Golden Girls

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D |D |G/D |G/D |
A7/D |A7/D |D F#7/C# |
Bm7 |Am7 D7/A |G |F#7 |
Am7 D7 |Em Bm7 |
G D/F# Em7 D |G/A |
D (D/C#) |(D/B D/A) |D |

DThank (xx0232@1)you for being a friend

G/DTraveled (4x3121@7)down a road and back again

heart is true, you're a pal and a confidante

D |D F#7/C# |

Bm7And (x20202@1)if you threw a par-

Am7 D7/A

Gvited (320003@1)everyone you knew

F#7 (242352@1)Am7You (x02010@1)would

D7see (xx0212@1)the biggest

Emgift (022000@1)would be

Bm7from (x20202@1)me
And the

G D/F# Em7 D
card attached would say

G/AThank (320203@1)you for being a friend

D D/C# |D/B D/A |D |
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