• Song:

    Friends And Family

  • Artist:

    Golden Shoulders

  • Album:


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                   Friends and Family- Golden Shoulders
Tabbed by: crazynickman
Email: zoso718@aol.com

Tuning: Standard 

Ok, this is my first tab so go easy.  It's a fun-sounding and easy song from a
great unknown band, so chances are no one sees this anyway.  I didn't tab the
slide part, still figuring that out.  Anyway, this is just the chords.  Listen to
the song.


Hit a B, then hammer on and pull off the 7th and 8th frets on the G string.
For the beginning of the vocals (before the drums kick in), you can basically
just slide up and down from A to B and back, 
hitting each chord.  For the A-Bb-Bb-B part, it's the same.  
Listen to the record for timing and whatnot.

       B               A        B           A                B                  
All my friends and my family are remarkable people, they are nothing like the 
A           B        A-
creeps in this town.
Bb-Bb-B              A                B          A            B
There is time still ahead of me, the last among equals, I am keeping both my 
A            B       A-Bb-Bb-B
ears to the ground.

The slide riff plays over this, but like I said, not yet tabbed.
B   A   E
B   A   E

            B       A    E
There is a feeling I've been getting
            B                   A            E
That I have earned the town and state that I am in
           B                  A            E    
I cannot leave, my feet will stop me from stepping
             B                   A             E
I'd kiss the ground but I don't know where it has been

D     A             E
  Oh no, there are reasons but I can't explain
D        A              E
  Well I can but not to you.
D     A          E
  Oh I'm getting better at the waiting game
D     A             E
  And I don't wanna lose.

B   A   E
B   A   E
            B       A      E
We are the products of circumstances
         B           A                 E
And we reflect the sort of people we have known.
           B            A              E
Whether by blood or by extended olive branches
          B              A             E
All these people have determined how we've grown.

       B        A                   B               A               B
And I said very tactfully there's a mineshaft and a steeple and the otherwise
   A               B      A-
indifferent middle ground.
Bb-Bb-B                A         B          A                B                
All my friends and my family are remarkable people, they are nothing like the
A         B          A-Bb-Bb-B
creeps in this town

Comments-wise, be brutal but not too brutal.  This is a band that I just want to
see get more recognition, so there you go.
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