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Date: Sat, 9 Nov 1996 18:38:08 -0500 (EST)
From: "Matt A. Neff" 
Subject: TAB: Anything by Goldfinger

Goldfinger:  Anything
from the LP "Goldfinger"
released in 1996 by Mojo Records

tabbed by Matt Neff (ib700@po.CWRU.edu)


--------------------2-------6-----    [repeat once]

======================[Verse 1]:======================

      A                    B            C#        E*
After all this time you're still asking questions

    A               B            C#    E*
You love to fill me up with emptiness

      A         B           C#       E*
I'm a mortal in search of a party

      A        B           C#       E*
I'm a lover in search of a quest


      A            F#         C#  E*
I can see that you don't want anything

      A             F#             C#   E*
I can see sometimes you don't want me

     A           F#           C#       E*
Just love me the times that I need you

      A             F#         C#     E* E* E*
I can say then that I am still free!

   A  B  C#  E   A    B   C#   E 

======================[Verse 2]:======================

      A.   A.    B.  B.   C#.  C#.  E*.  E*.
So you and I walk to the ocean

         A.   A.        B.        B.      C#. C#. E*. E*.
The water, it breaks hard against the stone

  A             B          C#        E*
A silouhette of you in the moonlight

      A              B           C#   E*
Sends chills dancing right to my heart

====[Break, play chords to Chorus without words]====
==================[Chorus repeat]===================
D   D / E* D    A

Chords Used:

A:   577xxx
B:   799xxx or x244xx
C#:  x466xx
E*:  x799xx
F#:  244xxx
D:   x577xx

  . = staccato; play note short and quick
/  = sliding up or down from chord to chord
There are a lot of solos in this song as well but 
I'm not going to take the time to figure them out.

If you want any more Goldfinger tabs, 
e-mail me, I'll see what I can do!

Questions, Comments, Complaints, Corrections?
Mail me at:

ib700@po.CWRU.edu              --- - -
                               --  ---
                               -   - -

What is it that feeds this?
Haven't I learned enough from yesterday?
I really don't need this
Haven't I had enough of this today?     -Goldfinger, Only A Day-
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