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    Good Charlotte

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OK this is a very short song, my first tab so yeah...
   Verse 1:

  C                            F
   Heart is a vessel that can carry you far away
  G                             C
   Further than you ever gone before
  C                                 F
   It could swallow an ocean in the palm of your hand
  G                               C
   But only if you open up that door

  F      G       C              Am
  Cardiology is guiding you and me
          F            G   C             Am
  Through ancient history, A new technology
  F       G       C      
  Cardiology is a mystery
  Verse 2
 C                              F
  Is there a formula that could possibly explain
 G                                        C 
  What can feel so good bring you so much pain
 C                            F
  Science is now help when we reach the day
 G                                C
  We face the truth that life can slip away

  Verse 3:
  F                 C     G               C
   Take apart this heart tell me where to start
   F                 C     G               C
   No book that I can find has the answer
  F                 C     G               C
   A medicine can't cure the fact that I'm still yours
  F                   C               G    G 
   Even though you've gone on without me


Hope its good...
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