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    Good Charlotte

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    Demo Tape #2

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Band: Good Charlotte 
Song: Complicated 
Tuning: EADGBe 
Mit (send_in_the_klowns@hotmail.com)

Use Wah Pedal Throughout The Song, Listen To It For The Timing.
Tab for Intro and First Verse: 
        A                 B 
e |--8-----8-----------0----1-----   
B |--8-----10----------1----1---- 
G |--9-----10----or ---3----2---- 
D |--8-----10----------2----3---- 
A |--10----8-----------3----3---- 
E |--8-----8-----------x----1---- 

Play either group A or B over and over until you get to the chorus.   
Listen to the song for the timing. 

Lyrics for Intro 
All right, here we go one time for your mind, your body, and your soul  
Everytime that we rhyme, you know i'm in control all right,          
Here we go, here we go, here we go  

Lyrics for First Verse 

And we've been here for so many years 
Still it seems as if your not there 
Every time I talk, you turn away 
Isn't that an obligation to stay? 
And we say: 

Tab for Chorus: 

e |--------------------------------- 
B |--------------------------------- 
G |--5------------------------------ 
D |--5---5---7---2---7---2---5------  
A |--3---5---7---2---7---2---5------ 
E |------3---5---0---5---0---3------  

Kick in the distortion and play these chords in order 

Lyrics for Chorus: 

And we've been here for so many years 
So many years still it seems, so what? 

At this part of the chorus, play Group A or B repeatedly,  
just like the First and Second Verses 

So complicated, overrated, complicated 
Well this feeling is love 

Tab for Second Verse 

Use group A or B again with the same timing until the chorus 

Lyric for Second Verse 

Well i came through the door yea I said it before 
I never let the stress get me down no more 
I'm givin' thanks to the Lord you know I pray every day 
I'm givin shouts to my peeps and this is what we said 
And we said:  

Play chorus once 

Tab for Bridge 

e |-------------------------------------- 
B |-------------------------------------- 
G |--------------------------5----------- 
D |--7---5---2---3---7---5---5---3---5--- repeat 
A |--7---5---2---3---7---5---3---3---5--- 
E |--5---3---0---1---5---3-------1---3--- 

Kick in the distortion and play these chords in order.   
Listen to the song to get the timing.   

Lyric for Bridge 

You left us one little room with a black and white tv                 
One evicition notice and a bill for therapy                        
You're living all alone you're like a dog with out bone                 
I said you're living all alone because you left us all at home       
Well you had a second chance but you threw it all away               
Your fourth and fifth and sixth but that was yesterday                
Now you're sitting at a bar, you're just a drowning in your tears  
You're lonely in the corner while everybody cheers  

Play Chorus Twice and End 

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