• Song:

    I just wanna live

  • Artist:

    Good Charlotte

  • Album:

    Good Charlotte Greatest...

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Well this is my first tab so plz don’t don’t be harsh on me. K here it iz.

Tuning: Standard (ebgdaE) 
Song: I just wanna live.
Artist: Good charlotte

e|-------------------------------------------------                                    ------------------
B|-------------------------------------------------                                    ------------------
G|-------------------------------------------------            x4 and after u do this  ------------------
D|-----10-1010-xxxx-88-6-66xxxx88------------------                                    ---6---------------
A|-----10-1010-xxxx-88-6-66xxxx88------------------                                    ---6---------------
E|-----8--8-8—xxxx— 66-4-44xxxx66------------------                                    ---4---------------

That’s basically all there is to it. It’s a really really easy song to play on guitar. PLEASE RATE
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