• Song:

    Sit Down Stranger

  • Artist:

    Gordon Lightfoot

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Chords used:  G:320003  C:X32010  D:XX0232 
            A:X02220            E:022100 
INTRO:   |  G5  |  

      G5                          C5               G5 
I'm standin' at the doorway, my head down in my hands 
      C5               G5                         D5 
Not knowin' where to sit, not knowin' where I stand 
    G5                          C5               G5 
My father looms above me, for him there is no rest 
    C5               G5                           D5 
My mother's arms enfold me and hold me to her breast 
       G5                                   C5                   G5 
"They say you've been out wanderin', they say you've traveled far 
     C5             G5                         D5 
Sit down, young stranger and tell us who you are" 
     G5                            C5                   G5 
The room has all gone misty, my thoughts are all in spin 
      C5             G5          D5                 G5 
"Sit down, young stranger and tell us where you been" 

                                           C5                  G5 
"Well, I've been up to the mountain, I've walked down by the sea 
   C5                G5                            D5 
I never questioned no one and no one questioned me 
    G5                        C5                G5 
My love was given freely and oft-times was returned 
   C5             G5                      D5 
I never came to borrow, I only came to learn 
     G5                               C5                 G5 
Sometimes it did get lonely, but it taught me how to cry 
     C5                G5                        D5 
And laughter came to easy for life to pass me by 
   G5                          C5                G5 
I never had a dollar that I didn't earn with pride 
          C5             G5                    D5 
'Cause I had a million daydreams to keep me satisfied" 
         |  G5  |  G5  |  C5  |  G5  |  C5  |  G5  |  D5  |  G5  |  
      A5                             D5                A5 
"And will you gather daydreams, or will you gather wealth? 
     D5                 A5                           E5 
How can you find your fortune if you cannot find yourself?" 
    A5                                    D5               A5 
My mother's eyes grow misty, there's a tremblin' in her hand 
      D5             A5                      E5 
"Sit down, young stranger, I do not understand 
     A5                                    D5                   A5 
And will you try and tell us that you've been too long at school? 
       D5                A5                          E5 
That knowledge is not needed, that power does not rule? 
      A5                           D5                    A5 
That war is not the answer, that young men should not die? 
     D5            A5                        E5 
Sit down young stranger, I wait for your reply" 

     A5                       D5               A5 
"The answer is not easy for souls are not reborn 
    D5                  A5                                 E5 
To wear the crown of peace, you must wear the Crown of Thorns 
     A5                      D5                 A5 
If Jesus had a reason, I'm sure he would not tell 
        D5            A5                             E5 
They treated him so badly, how could he wish them well?" 

     A5                            D5               A5 
The parlor now is empty, there's nothin' left to say 
    D5            A5                            E5 
My father has departed, my mother's gone to pray 
         A5                           D5               A5 
There's rockets in the meadows and ships out on the sea 
    D5                A5                      E5 
The answer's in the forest, carved upon a tree: 
  D5          A5             E5           A5 
"John loves Mary,"...does anyone love me?
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