• Song:

    Spin Spin Spin

  • Artist:

    Gordon Lightfoot

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E5 B5 A5 E5

   E5        B5         A5       E5      B5 A5 E5
So fine, so fine, the web you spin.
             B5           A5         E5      B5 A5 E5
I come too close and I'm caught again.
             B5   A5   E5      B5 A5 E5
In the web of wild design,
         B5         A5   B5   A5
I do not know what fate is mine!
All the day you spin and spin,
          B5           A5       E5
Spin your web and you draw me in.
   B5        A5    E5
Spin, spin, spin spin!

It's pretty much like this throughout the whole entire song. Unfortunately, you 
won't be able to find it on any album of his as well as any website of any kind. 
The only thing you can find is a video on YouTube with a clip of the song in the 
background of Eadweard Muybridge films.
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