• Song:

    If I Loved You.

  • Artist:

    Gordon Macrae

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C  C?          C/E                                C    
         If I loved you,  time and again I would try to say  
         Dm      B7                 C    Em    G7  
         All I?d want you to know.  
         C  C?          C/E                                        C  
         If I loved you, words wouldn?t come in an easy way.  
           Dm          B7            C        Am       Dm              C#7         
         Round in circles I?d go,          longing to tell you but afraid and shy  
        C                     Dm                    Bb     D   G   
        I?d let life?s golden chances pass me by.  
           C               C?        C/E                        C  
        Soon you?ll leave me,  off you would go in the mist of day.  
        Dm       B7           C     Dm   Em  Dm7          F      G7    C  
       Never,  never to know.         How   I     loved you,  if I   loved you.
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