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    Highway Under Construction

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[Intro]<-- modern strumming/finger picking works good here

G5 , A5 , C5 , A5 (x4)

[Verse 1]

G5        A5          C5       A5
Well I'm building a highway back,

C5           D5        A5
Back to the heart of things,

A5      C5       B5
No love left to walk back,

A5           C5        C5
Back to the heart of things...


G5       A5         C5
Falling above and black,

C5       D5         A5
All our city gone red,

A5            C5       B5
When I get it all for you,

A5         C5      C5
I'm gonna get it all...

True...   True...

[Bridge] <-- Organ part. I suggest repeating the verse chords x1, then 4 bars of the
"intro" (G, A, C, A)

[Verse 2]

       G5          A5        C5
Its so cold an' I say good-bye,

C5      D5          A5
With a hold and a meaning why,

A5      C5             B5
But you never let the parted in,

A5             C5           C5
Holdin' on to sound don't swim ,

...Didj'you wanna worry now...

G5       A5             C5
Said it would take me home,

C5          D5          A5
All of the fitting it broke,

A5           C5          B5
Say whatchu' want don't bring,

A5        C5          C5     D5
Anything back to... Me.... ....

      G5     A5              C5
Yes a whole lotta day goes by,

C5            D5           A5
Hopin' for a lover won't lie,

A5         C5        B5
If I get a lie from you,

A5         C5      C5      D5
I'll make it all come... True......

[Outro]<-- Repeat verse chords, and add your off-kilter La la la la la la's!

BEST I COULD COME UP WITH! I love this song -- hope it works for you. Great on 
acoustic, obviously!
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